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The “old” UA works on the “old” data collection model. As a reminder the old model was bas on hits, the new model is bas on events. “Old” Analytics cannot collect and process some information. In addition, the privacy and data protection policy is getting more and more advanc. Ultimately, we will soon face the “era of privacy & cookieless” and with it, for many mysteriously sounding, consent mode. Also, there was no other way than that a tool that could meet all these requirements had to be creat. Below is a list of our previous articles about.

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A new Analytics service that will change the way you look at data Update GA new interface and functionalities You can also check our Google Analytics offer we will comprehensively guide you through the entire process. We implement comprehensive analytical solutions Check out our >> OFFER << How to phone number list implement GA on SaaS and Open Source? Below you will find information on how to switch to GA in stores on the most popular engines AtomStore → integration of this store with GA is a piece of cake How to implement Google Analytics in a few simple steps on the AtomStore platform? PrestaShop → here a lot depends on the Presta version.

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In some versions, the implementation can be done with the help of a readymade module. Before buying, contact the module supplier to choose the right one for your Presta version. In some versions, the only good option is to implement Data Layers by the developer, and then configure data transfer from data layers to GA using Google Tag Manager. Magento (now AdobeCommerce) → for now, the official website of the store’s about GA , but it’s DJ USA worth checking here Enhanc Ecommerce , because for sure in some time the instructions for integrating the store with GA will be add.


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