Post at the most strategic times on the platform, that is at peak times

TikTok, due to its composition, ends up helping users to create more creative videos, unlike Kwai, which, even though it also has tools in this regard, is a little behind. Social media trends and culture You know what we’re talking about: those viral challenges that people like in a few minutes — and before you know it, you’re the one creating videos following the same “vibe”. Advertising Well these viral challenges and culture trend happen on both social media. Despite this, TikTok is again a few squares ahead in the board game, after all, it has greater popularity, which makes its challenges stand out more. Kwai, on the other side of the table, focuses much more on thematic communities and special events than, necessarily, on this culture of trends and viral challenges. And then: which is the best? As it was possible to see throughout the content.

Both platforms have different characteristics and a huge community

Fact! If we only look at the “monetization” aspect, defining which of the two platforms is the best becomes a more complex question. As stated, there are many variables involved. Follow them and send them a private message. 7 – Publish at peak times. Do you know what is so efficient to gain followers on TikTok as posting frequently? They are, basically, times when most of your followers will be active, and that means they will be more likely to view the videos you post. And you know how this math works: with a large Czechia Business Email List number of views, there will be greater engagement, which will make the platform recommend the video to other profiles, who will be more likely to follow your profile and so on. 8 – Focus on original content. Advertising No one wants to watch more of the same. It’s tiring.

And it’s the kind of thing that will have users scrolling down

Their feed in search of the next really interesting video. People don’t want to consume the same type of content over and over again. They want news. And that’s what you need to give them, because that’s what will make them see a reason to follow you. When we talk about original content, we are not talking about recreating the wheel and talking about something never talked about on the internet (which is quite impossible to happen, considering the current level of content production). Producing original content is approaching a topic in an innovative way. 9 – Interact with followers. Interacting with the followers DJ USA you’ve already built up is just as important as gaining more. After all, if you reply to the comments they made on your videos, in addition to being a way of expressing that you care and that you are grateful for their engagement.


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