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Yogyakarta Project Help Send DIY wins 2017 Pangripta Nusantara Award 2017 Musren bangnas (Source: finance. The National Development Planning Award or commonly known as the Pangripta Nusantara Award is an award given by the Ministry of Finance.

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Creative, passionate and fun IT Canadian Healthcare and Medical Email List  company; JMC IT Consultants is back with another exciting outing. This time, all employees of JMC IT consultants carried out a refreshing activity with the theme of “JMC Travel Lamy – Lamy”. This activity is a tour for all employees to relax after hard work before entering Ramadan.

The 2016 JMC Tour

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Was held at Sundak Beach and Ngandong Beach in the Gunung Kidul area of  Yogyakarta. The team departed from the production office  DJ USA at Jalan Kaliurang at around 7am on Thursday . Of course, since the theme is touring, all the staff set off in a convoy of motorized vehicles.

Despite being restrained by a punctured tire on one of the motorcycles. That didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of everyone waiting for their companions to continue the long journey to the beach.


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