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Once the data sources It is possible to visualize the entire information through graphs, diagrams, tables and other elements that can be customiz by the user. Plus, the report updates automatically, eliminating the ne for additional work after you set up the graphs and tables. Once the report is shar with the team or client, all authoriz parties have the ability to view the data in real time. The User Experience component has not been overlook: the software simplifies the viewing and sharing of information through intuitive and automatic tools even for those

With basic knowlge of data analysis.

Once the data sources You might be interest in: “The integration of GPT-4 OpenAI into Bing Chat: the advantages for companies” The integration of Looker Studio with africa email list  other digital marketing tools Looker Studio provides free connectors that allow for easy integration with other platforms in the Google family. For other software, however, there are various options, such as the use of Google Sheets, paid connectors or the possibility of creating an ad hoc connector with the help of a developer.

Integration between Looker Studio and GA4

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Once the data sources There is, in particular, a connector, call “Google Analytics”, which makes Looker Studio and GA4 integrate easily. In relation to this area, it is possible to select both the Universal Analytics (previous version which will be discontinu in July 2023) and GA4 properties.  DJ USA Using Looker Studio to consult GA4 data offers greater flexibility than the GA4 interface itself, since you can use different types of visualizations, including various ready-made templates present in the Looker Studio gallery. Additionally, while GA4 lacks some features found in Universal Analytics, such as views, Looker Studio can recreate these features through the use of filters. Not only that, if you work.


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