More Visibility for Your Brand With Google Adwords

Online advertising message more visibility for your brand with google adwords display campaigns! Would you like to give more visibility to your business, but don’t know how? Have you ever heard of online advertising by google adwords ? Do you know that this online advertising platform has chang the world.  Of marketing and is one of the most effective digital marketing tools? To give more visibility to your brand, google adwords is the right platform! In fact, you will be able to intercept all those people.  Who don’t know you yet, but who query google every day.  In search of the same information, products and services that you offer! Not only! Google adwords and in particular google display network, which I want to talk about in this 

What Exactly is Google Display Network?

Article, is also a great opportunity for: increase.  Traffic to your point of sale (physical store and/or website) increase . Sales target new data reach new users at the exact time and place (desktop, mobile or.  Tablet) retain existing customers communicate.  Creatively contain advertising costs manage and measure your marketing . Activity nb you’re probably thinking that since it’s google, adwords is also a free tool! In reality, google adwords is a paid . Tool from the google circuit , which lives thanks to online advertising! What exactly is google display network? To put it simply,.  It is nothing more than the set of all websites and mobile sites, videos. And apps, which host advertisements for display campaigns. These sites are own by third parties or google as in the 

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Google Display Network: Types of Ads

Case of google finance, gmail, blogger, youtube. Advertisements look like banners of various sizes, with different . Contents: while browsing online, you will have seen lots of them! For example, you may have read an online newspaper such as the . Gazzetta dello sport or the corriere: the advertising DJ USA banners you saw . On those sites are display network ads, made with google adwords display. The same goes for youtube: the viewing . Of each video is always prec by sponsor promos, which you can also.  Skip after a few seconds and which are advertisements for the google display network. Or again, when you download apps.  For your smartphone from google play, you may have notic advertisements! Those are also part of google adwords 


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