Menkominfo: Welcome to Indonesia, Spotify

Minister of Communication and Informatics (Menkominfo), Rudiantara welcomed the operation of the music streaming service from Sweden, Spotify.

In his short remarks, the man who is often called Chief RA, expressed his welcome to Spotify, which is finally operating in Indonesia.

“I promised Pak Alex and Sunita I would not give a long speech, I just wanted to enjoy tonight. Welcome Spotify to Indonesia,” said the minister as quoted from the official website of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kominfo), Thursday (31/3/ 2016).

The Spotify music streaming service is known

Officially operate in Indonesia, by cooperating Denmark Mobile Database with Indosat Ooredoo. Spotify provides a service for music lovers in Indonesia to legally enjoy more than 30 million songs via mobile devices, tablets and computers.

Director of Spotify Asia, Sunita Kaur, said with enthusiasm, ladies and gentlemen, Spotify has finally arrived in Indonesia.

“Spotify provides the best service for free in enjoying music in Indonesia. Thank you for the support given from various parties so that finally Spotify can officially operate in Indonesia,” said Sunita.

Meanwhile, President Director & CEO of Indosat Ooredoo, Alexander Rusli said that with the operation of Spotify in Indonesia, Indonesian people will no longer have trouble finding ways to enjoy music legally.

“Now a new way of enjoying music has been born legally. Gone are those days when you find it difficult to look for good music!” he said.


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