It works based on the indication of new users

No restrictions. You indicate, through an invitation, the platform to one of your friends, for example, or to anyone who has the potential to download the TikTok application. bonus tiktok invite TikTok referral program invitation. Remembering: these people cannot be TikTok users. Otherwise, they can even download the app, but monetization won’t work. By the way, in this case, monetization works like this: people use your code, create a profile on TikTok and, from that, you receive coins on the platform. 6 – Sale of products. If you already work with e-commerce, you can integrate it with the TikTok ads manager . Advertising Remember that video game ad that popped up while you were jumping from video to video? Or that LED tape with a voice in the background narrating about the places where you can place it to make the environment more charming.

That mini projector that turns any room into an amazing movie theater

These are just examples of users who have done e-commerce integration with TikTok and are making money from it. It is important to pay attention, however, that TikTok still does not allow integration with any e-commerce market. Some of the allowed ones that you can use are the Integrated Store, Shopify , VTEX and Kyte. Another example of selling products that are also an excellent way to monetize TikTok happens with people who work making birthday cakes. When these professionals post videos in which they appear assembling cakes, making them and talking to the audience about the product creation process, they are engaging users who may become future buyers. How to receive money Germany Business Email List earned on TikTok? Advertising You have seen that among the possibilities of how to monetize TikTok, some involve the accumulation of rubies and diamonds. You cannot “withdraw” these rewards.

You first need to accumulate values ​​of reais so that

Only then, you receive the amount earned – either by Pix, bank transfer, among other ways – directly into your bank account. An observation is that TikTok pays in dollars, not in real. This means that when the platform pays you, the dollar will be automatically converted into real, which will cost you a conversion fee. In any case, once you complete the withdrawal process and click on the withdraw option, you must wait up to 15 days to receive your winnings. Now that you know how to monetize TikTok Advertising Now that you know how to monetize TikTok, it’s time to start making money from your videos. Choose one of the possibilities presented and start applying it to your content. If you can’t apply any DJ USA of the options, such as closing partnerships with big brands, don’t worry. The important thing is to start climbing slowly and stay persistent.


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