It converts speech to text and recognizes

With the free plan you can transcribe up to minutes oftotal per day. , even with conversations that contain a lot of technical jargon and are difficult to understand. For those who want to transcribe videos we recommend the premium plan. If you subscribe to the premium plan you can transcribe hours of video per month.

In the trial plan, which is available

Without signing up for the free membership, you can Benin Mobile Number List transcribe up to 10 minutes of audio images per month and 5 minutes of audio files per month, so give it a try. Basic Function Rate Plan Languages Supported Languages Japanese English Chinese French Italian etc.

Phone Number List

Transcription of audio images

And videos Supported video files Search dictionary DJ USA function Support medical care and other technical terms Yen requires registration for free membership Basic Yen Premium Yen Premium Yen Premium Yen Transcription Official Website Voice Video Subtitles is an artificial intelligence transcription service for Japanese.


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