Recommendations for Voice Input Systems

Source Image Source Voice Input SystemSo far we have cover voice  input and voice input systems. However, I recommend it to those who are not sure about the accuracy and want to use more functions to simplify their work and operations. What is Nota Nota Home is an automatic transcription tool that utilizes high performance to achieve high-precision automatic transcription.

It features very natural transcription

Results that can be us to review business negotiations Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List and create meeting minutes. In addition to transcription, it has a wealth of functions such as the summary function, schule adjustment function, transcription result export function, etc. It is a great attraction and work as a tool for smooth progress. Export transcription results to a file From here one of the functions we will introduce is the transcription result export function.

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Click the Start Recording

Button on the main screen. Click the Start Recording DJ USA button Click the Stop button at the bottom of the screen when the recor. Fding is complete. Click the stop button Click the export icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Click the export icon to change the file format from voice data to . Audio data is chang to click the export button to output the transcription result as a file.


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