By creating detailed rules in advance

Input rules can be created Create input rules , it is possible to auto. Tmatically o rules during continuous voice input. Prevent errors with the auto-response function Prevent errors Voice text is automatically read out by the system. So there is no need to look at the screen one by one to check whether the result of the voice input is correct.

Create your own criteria

to check and detect outlier numbers Detect outlier numbers Ecuador Mobile Number List You can pre-set the numbers that can be entered are from to or and are outliers. In addition, when a value outside the input range or an abnormal value is detected, an alarm is issued and the cell in is highli. Rghted to prevent the risk of malfunction.

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Ability to register technical

terms used in business By registering technical DJ USA terms in advance, the ac. Fcuracy of voice input will be greatly improved and you will be able to create materials smoothly. Accurate and rapid work can be achieved through the above four functions to improve efficiency. If you want to know more about the voice input system click here.


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