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Here I will introduce how to use e Video Audio.   transcriptions if you subscribe. You can quickly transcribe not only your own videos but also  various videos posted on . Let’s actually explain how to do this. Sign up first and get ready to I try to transcribe use anywhere. After that enter the I try to e extension in the search window and search. Nota Extension When  Available Click Install Now The extension will be registered in ready to use for transcription. Now let’s use this extension toe a video.

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To transcribe an introductory video. Click on the Cayman Islands Mobile Number List extension toolbar in the upper right corner and then click on the message to start recording this page. Then nota extension  you can see on the video display is recording. When I open it on the web the nota extension video title appears as above and it appears below the text click here to see the nota extension and you can see it transcribed quickly since you can correct things that feel weird to the text after recording so you Spelling mistakes can be corrected.

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Overseas real-time news and send text DJ USA messages with Nota extension, just paste the text content into Google Translate, you can translate the news content into Japanese and easily understand what the content is. This extension allows anyone to easily transcribe a video and paste text directly into the video through the Nauta extension, which in addition to the extension can import files on your device and transcribe them.


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