Consider the opposite works because it directs

If you feel like you knew it all along, it means you won’t stop to examine why something really happened” Second, past experience bias also makes us feel over-confident in making our own assessment. You feel that if you are usually always right, why would you be wrong next time?

Richard Larrick has introduced a simple solution to the disease of overconfidence in judgment – ​​that we ourselves have to assume the opposite. Prof. Larrick explained: Evidence that would not otherwise be considered.

So by looking at a situation from a different angle it seems as if

What is happening is completely opposite we can Database learn to improve the decision-making process, if another time if the same situation repeats itself. 4. Ask ourselves, What would other people do?

If you have a difficult decision to make, the natural thing you might do is go to your best friend and ask for their opinion. We expect others to have a more rational view on the subject. decision-making Taking an outsider’s perspective can help overcome many of the mental mistakes we make every day.

The next time you have a difficult decision to make, try putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. For example, how did the former prime minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir solve the problem? Although what you think that Tun’s answer is not correct.

look at it may open your mind up to a different point of view which you may never have thought of


Conclusion: mistakes will always exist It is impossible DJ USA to avoid all mistakes in the choices we make every day. We make thousands of decisions every day, and many of them are made subconsciously. We must be wrong.

But by reducing the need to make decisions about trivial matters, ask for other people’s opinions, or consider fewer options. .. we can save a lot of our limited decision-making energy for things that really matter. How do you make decisions every day?

Are you more dependent on system 1, or more inclined to system.  That Occur When Reading Too Much.. Is it true that having unlimited freedom will make us happier? How to Build Good and Productive Habits? Leave Your Comment.


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