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In this context, HubSpot recently present two new AI-bas tools: , elements which – we are sure – will change the way users can interact with the HubSpot CRM. We are not talking about a simple indiscretion, since ChatSpot was announc by HubSpot co-founder and CTO, Dharmesh Shah, directly on LinkIn. This innovation completes a series of products already integrat with artificial intelligence tools. You might be interest in: “The main HubSpot news in 2023: here’s what changes and the advantages” The ChatSpot identity chatspot Many are wondering what ChatSpot is, in essence.

This is, of course, an AI-bas tool that integrates

Chatbot functionality directly into the HubSpot CRM, allowing you to ask questions country email list    and provide direct-language instructions through a chat. It is clearly inspir by already proven products, such as ChatGPT – which achiev rapid diffusion with over 100 million users in just 2 months – and other tools such as DALL·E 2 and Copy.Ai, which allow you to generate quality text and images quickly and easily. What does “natural” or direct language mean? Basically, ChatSpot is able to understand text or voice requests such as, for example, “add contact Mario Rossi to my CRM and create a follow-up task” or “create a report on monthly website visits”.

ChatSpot works using a combination

country email list

Of information from the different integrat artificial intelligence tools, providing a precise and immiate response. Download our guide now to find out how to use Marketing Automation: lead generation and benefits for your business! Practical applications of ChatSpot in Marketing, Sales, CRM and Reporting chatspot Let’s get to company operations  DJ USA , listing the strengths of this new tool bas on the different areas of application. Marketing ChatSpot allows you to: Create and optimize content for blogs, social mia, emails and landing pages; Identify the main topics of interest to your customers and segment the target audience; Build an intelligent SEO strategy in order to improve the visibility of your site.


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