Behind The Scene Naavagreen Creative Video

JMC IT Consultant, for the umpteenth time, is collaborating with PT Naava green Indonesia. A skincare clinic that is currently developing and basin Yogyakarta on a creative video project. This creative video was creat to introduce products and treatments available at Naavagreen and invite. The whole community to get facial treatments at Naavagreen. In making this video, doctors and beauty therapists from Naavagreen Cendrawasih (Naavagreen central office) were involv.

The treatment process record by the film crew

The actual process of the treatment Telecommunications Email List that Naavagreen usually does for his patients. This is intend so that prospective patients can understand and understand the treatment process at Naavagreen so they don’t ne to hesitate anymore to try the products and treatments. Creative videos are now a marketing trend nowadays. The ease of capturing information convey via video, as well as the trend of YouTube which is currently on the rise, has made creative videos attractive to service and product sellers as a marketing medium for their product or service brands.

Making creative videos should be done by those who are truly experienc and can accommodate the wishes of consumers. Good communication between the project team and consumers can make the video that is being work on become an attractive, effective marketing product, and has an appeal that sticks in the memories of those who see it about what is offer in the video. So that branding done through creative videos can be successful.

This creative video is plann to be broadcast to coincide

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With Naava green’s 2nd birthday celebration and the draw for the “Get Lucky be Beauty” event with the main prize being 1 unit of Daihatsu Ayla car at Malio boro Mall Yogyakarta on Saturday, September 27 2014. Goals to be achievof this video is to invite DJ USA potential consumers about the importance of doing facial care and Naava green is here as a solution to overcome problems on the face.

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