You put in a huge amount of effort


But in reality, it defines the goals of the relationship. It’s really like dating. When you first meet your wife, you meet her and learn a few things about her that you like, and then you go on another date. They bring everyone together, it’s not a social club but a learning and discovery club. I think that’s a real key. Like you mention, for a lot of people it’s purposeful, but a lot of people also feel like I don’t want to go there and get beat to death if I don’t recommend it.


You have more conversations


and discover more things you like. That’s it. This Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List is to ensure there is a connection between you and the person you want to do business with. That connection could be you.  I think you have to be a very outgoing person for this to work for you effectively. You don’t have to be a very outgoing person to come alone, sit in the back, shyly hold your notebook, and not even raise your hand, and spend two and a half hours learning about marketing.





It could be your content.


It could be that you’re listening to Belgium Phone Number a podcast and someone else is listening. Maybe it’s your social mia that’s triggering you. Tom Martin You want to create a sense of intimacy between you and your potential customers so they can continue to learn new things about you. You will get great value afterwards. I will say that I know you better than my audience does at this point, but you bring some qualities to the table that make this work., you’re a connector, you hang out with some wannabe people for an hour and a half after it’s over, that’s what really makes it work.

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