WordPress Handbook 2023: 50 WordPress .com and .org Features

WordPress Handbook 2023: 50 WordPress .com and .org Features. Today we want to share with you this WordPress Guide in 50 steps. We have collected all the functions that we explain about WordPress in our Community Manager course to serve as a review guide for students. WordPress .com and .org have many functions with which you can get enormous benefit. Do you know them all.

Some advantages of WordPress

Some advantages of WordPress. The most notable advantages are the speed in installing WordPress , its ease of use, its power and its optimization for SEO. You can create anything from a simple top people data blog to a complete online store or a virtual classroom. Although it requires a certain learning process, once you understand how the system works, its use is fast, intuitive and similar for all the sites you manage.

Tool to add hyperlink

Tool to add hyperlink. If you don’t know what tool I’m talking about, you should start using it now. It is a small button with a text editor string, which allows us to quickly insert links. Don’t forget to complete the title so that information about that link is displayed when you click on it. It is very important that you use the “Open link in a new window/tab” option if you do not want to drive your readers away from your page, especially for DJ USA external links to your website. Next to it you will see another similar icon but with the chain broken, use it to remove hyperlinks.

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