There are three points to pay attention to

How to improve accuracy Points to pay attention to when transcribing  in 中 You can transcribe with high precision by pressing and holding these points. Bring the microphone closer to your mouth to speak slowly and clearly in a noise-free environment. Speak in sentences rather than words. Bring the microphone closer to your mouth.

By bringing the microphone

Closer to your mouth, you can improve sound capture Colombia Mobile Number List and increase the accuracy of transcription. Use an external microphone instead of your computer’s built-in microphone. When translating your own voice to text we recommend wearing headphones and when translating a few people’s conversations to text we recommend using an interface microphone with less interference between the direct sound and the first reflection.

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Speak slowly and clearly in

Quiet situations. If there is noise such as TV or family DJ USA conversations, the microphone will pick up the sound and the accuracy of the transcription will decrease. The human ear can only discern necessary sounds even in noise but speech recognition software doesn’t work that way. Try to speak as slowly and clearly as possible while capturing audio. Don’t speak in words.

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