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Write the content. Write articles, tutorials. Help your customer In my opinion, absolutely the most important activity you can do and you can start it right away. You don’t have to do it yourself, if you have the money to buy it, then do it and let a specialist in your field write “meaningful” content. Constantly writing content brings new customers to your page and shows Google that something is happening on the page. How to produce content, what and how to write it is a science in itself, but the most important thing is to start and do it now, because your competitors have been doing it for a long time. It is not enough that you write 300 words once a quarter.

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Content creation could be a continuous and consistent process. I would recommend posting at least twice a month, 500-1000 words. Video, audio, images can and should be there, but text is still the most important thing for Google. Google robots do not yet Latest Mailing Database understand 100% what is happening in images and videos, but they will definitely in the future. “Spy” on your competitors See what your competitors are doing online. How they market themselves. See what they write about,with in a Google search. Where someone is in the search.

Latest Mailing Database

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They have a lot of content and most importantly, could you do better (of course you can!)? Again, a whole separate book could be made about this topic. is if you DJ USA write a keyword in Google, by which customers could find you this in an incognito/private window, see picture). Don’t count the ads at the moment, because it’s not relate to SEO, it’s a purchase Adwords ad. Everyone who is on the front page is already doing 90% better than others.

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