What is Parental Control and what tools to use

 What is Parental Control? Parental control or “parental control system” refers to a tool that allows you to monitor and control the activity of minors on the Internet. Currently, it is very important because the age at which children have access to devices to browse the Internet, such as mobile phones, tablets or computers, is increasingly lower. Some of the options that this type of programs allow you are: Limit the time that minors use devices: such as computers and mobile phones. This also applies to specific programs within them,

Parental Control

such as games or the Internet browser. Block inappropriate websites: thanks to them, you can restrict your children’s access email contact list to adult pages and sites of dubious reputation or with high sexual content. Monitor the content they can access: on the network and on the devices they use to Parental Control access it. Record the activity of the little ones while using the devices, that is, what pages they visited, what applications they opened and much more. Control the downloads they make , whether from applications on mobile phones or from the Internet on the computer.

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monitoring software

The best of all is that most of the DJ USA tools of this type that exist today work completely hidden , so the little ones in the house will not even realize their existence, and if they see them, It is possible to protect its Parental Control deactivation with encryption. Why is it so important to install parental monitoring software on your devices? As I mentioned at the beginning, the Internet can be an endless source of information and knowledge. There are many successful cases of people who learn new skills thanks to this tool , essential today. However, it is also a reality that not everything we find there is good.

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