Understanding the essence of building teams to undertake better and with less stress

After the laughter at the YMCA I relaxed a little, nothing could go wrong now . Therefore, It didn’t matter if I had my hands in my pockets, if I moved too much, if I looked at the screen with my back to the attendees… it didn’t matter if I missed something (I’m not going to confirm it to you) during the talk. It didn’t matter if he said “okay?” too many times. It didn’t even matter if the slides didn’t happen . It didn’t matter if every time I tried to advance the slide the presentation closed. It didn’t matter if I had to synchronize withTherefore, the technician,” making gestures for him to show me the slides.

What is the fuel of entrepreneurship?

Before starting with the advice, I would like us to clarify some basic concepts , something that, together with the reflections in the previous post, Therefore, will lead you to the same conclusion that I reached a long time ago: working alone is top industry data crazy . Yes, perhaps at first it is essential. Maybe it’s not time yet.Therefore, Maybe you can’t afford it. Maybe there is another maybe that is maybe reasonable. But maybe you’re wrong. By the way, I have to buy maybe for the quizarra. Hahaha. Okay sorry. The loneliness of my office.

top industry data

Money itself is worthless

The ticket itself is useless (except in Therefore, rare cases). Amos can’t even clean his culinis, it’s very rough (believe me). It’s not the ticket that attracts us, it’s what we can do with it. We can use it to meet our DJ USA basic needs, buy food, an iPad, you know. Everything that gives us peace (having the basics covered) and happiness. So what attracts us is peace and happiness. Therefore, Not the piece of paper, ugly green and generally with the faces of ugly people. TRUE?


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