Two of numerous findings

 Being Good Is Good for Business [Merkle BB Superpowers Index] BB buyers have seen a percent rise in interest in sustainability, accompanied by a percent increase in interest in developing sustainability programs — of interest to BB marketers contained in recently-released Merkle survey findings.


 ANA In Bid to Improve

CX, BB Marketers Look to Expand Their Retention Strategies percent of BB marketers have said that customer retention was their top customer experience priority in — up from percent during — with percent pointing to investment in new A Complete List Of Unit Mobile Number List creative and content, and the same portion noting better aligning teams and tactics to create a more seamless brand experience, according to newly-published survey data. 

MarketingCharts AI has the power

to change BB market research forever Generative AI is particularly well-suited for BB marketing research initiatives, with ChatGPT and other AI tools able Belgium Phone Number List to assist in the expansion of brand category entry points and more, and Peter Weinberg and Jon Lombardo of LinkedIn’s The BB Institute take a deep dive for Marketing Week.

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