Travel Building Planning in Various Regions

Since the issuance of Presidential Instruction No. 3 of 2003 concerning National Policy and Strategy . The Development of e-Government, many regions have been competing to implement e-Government to support all their activities.

With the hope that the implementation will be assist

The use of technology. Not a few who fail to Cambodia Mobile Database implement it, both in terms of planning and when implementing it. Many also think that using technology makes it difficult because they are use to the manual method.

JMC IT Consultant with its main product. Namely e-Planning (SIPD) has succee in bringing about many changes in the regional development planning process. Many regions have successfully implementhis product. e-Planning, which has been successfully built and implement since 2010 until now in DIY, has succe in attracting attention from other regions to follow its rarity.

After being successfully built and implement

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Rejang Lebong Regency, a district in Bengkulu Province, implement e-Planning (SIPD), with very high expectations, as DIY had achiev.

In the following years several other regions also work DJ USA hard to realize effective, efficient and accountable planning. These areas are Lamongan Regency in East Java Province, Aceh Province, Southeast Sulawesi Province, Grobogan Regency, Malang City, Tegal City, Lebong Regency, Pekanbaru City, and several other areas.

There is a lot of experience in every region that we have work with, and we really know every problem fac in each area, that’s why e-Planning (SIPD) exists.

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