Tracing the Development of Land Information Systems in DIY

The Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) is a province-level special region in Indonesia which is a fusion of the State of the Yogyakarta Sultanate and the Duchy of Pakualaman. DIY itself has an area of 3,185.80 km2 consisting of one municipality and four regencies. With such an area, in carrying out local government affairs in the fields of land, spatial planning, de-concentration, and co-administration tasks given by the Government, the DIY Land and Spatial Planning Office was form.

To record the entire Sultanate Land or Sultan Ground

Duchy Land requires extra effort and a long Hong-Kong Mobile Database time relat to resource issues. Against this background, an information system is nethat is capable of centrally storing data and later facilitating the process of distributing information. For this reason, the DIY Land and Spatial Planning Office is working with JMC IT Consultant in building a Land Information System.

The development of the information system began in 2014 and is still ongoing today. Early in the development of the application, the idea Tracing the Development  was awaken to make an agreement regarding a unique Parcel ID. As the year goes on, development continues to be carri out both in terms of design and features in the application. Some features to improve the application have been add, such as the creation of 8 types of thematic maps, information search is also easier because the presentation of land use suitability data can be done automatically.

In addition to the warning feature for areas that are due, there is also a monitoring feature to store case findings that have occurr. The search for a radius within a certain kilometer has been develop base on Spatial Query technology. Spatial Query is a form of spatial connectivity between two or more entities.

In 2016 data management continu to be develop

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Which year land data entry was carri out sourc from village inventories and certificates, and draft SOPs for land data management and development of land applications began to be draft. Furthermore, in 2017.The DIY Land and Spatial Planning Office has succeede in updating spatial data independently.

Admittedly, land application development has DJ USA DJ USAgone through many stages to produce applications that are useful and run well to date. Several supporting aspects in application management must of course be continuously improv. The development plan that has been Tracing the Development  prepar needs to be realizthrough further developments in order to obtain optimal output.

These are some of the points present by the team from JMC IT Consultant as a guest speaker at the Integrat Land Database Management Work Meeting in the Land Information System which was held on Thursday (10/08/2017) in the Meeting Room of the Land Affairs and Administration Service DIY room.

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