TOP 5 leading products in sales in the first half of 2022

Perhaps you are looking for information to open a virtual store, or you may be thinking about migrating. Similarly Your ecommerce to another platform. So I want to tell you that you arrived at the right content. Here, I’m going to talk in a very quick and practical way about how the Integrated Store works and a few more tips. Before talking about how LI works, I just wanted to present some pretty cool data about the platform. Loja Integrada has been on the market since 2013 and in total more than 2 million virtual stores have been created on the platform. Entrepreneurs who use the LI platform sell their products and services in various market segments. There are 40 different types of niches , ranging from the most traditional, such as fashion and accessories, to equipment for laboratories.

How does the Integrated Store work?

Incredible numbers, right? Now that I’ve shown you a little bit about the LI results, I’ll get straight to the point. After all, how does the Integrated Store work? Let’s find out! As the title of this topic already says, Loja Integrada is a platform for creating virtual stores. But LI, not only serves to create an ecommerce, but also from it it is Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number List possible to manage a virtual store. Similarly The Integrated Store brings together several necessary tools and integrations to manage a virtual store in a very easy and intuitive way. That is, it is a practical solution to create a virtual store . Where the shopkeeper can change the design, add and remove products from the store. Manage prices and stocks, add payment methods, organize checkouts, manage shipments, configure freight , carry out marketing actions and much more.

Trading as kids: How does the Integrated Store work?

If you have an idea or even already have a physical store and want to sell online, in a few steps. You can create your virtual store with Loja Integrada . You will register, you can be an individual or a legal entity , and then follow the step by step that appears. Similarly You will go through the following steps: Ready! Your store will be ready to sell and you will be able to take care of everything directly from the retailer’s panel, within the platform. But if you need help creating the store, don’t worry. Because we have everything well explained in DJ USA videos and content on our blog, in the community and in the help center . Before we talk about our plans, it’s worth remembering that none of our plans charge you for sales. That is, you pay the monthly fee and nothing else. This makes it easy to predict your expenses.

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