Title tags should be kept between

This tag is a large ranking factor for Google. It’s also what shows up in the search results, so it needs to entice visitors to click.  50-60 characters, include your keyword/topic at the front of the tag, and provide the church name at the end (for consistency). Just confirm that your keyword is relevant to the topic you’re discussing in the content.

Your main priority should always

be to optimize the site so it’s relevant to Croatia Mobile Number List users, not search engines. You should also optimize the URL of every page. Fortunately, this is a fairly simple task with many of today’s web-building platforms. When deciding on a URL, keep it as short as possible and include a variation of your target keyword. It’s as easy as that.

Just remember you want each URL

on your site to be shareable, so the less number Belgium Phone Number List of characters you use the better. 10. Grab Your Google Place If you’re an established business or nonprofit, chances are that Google has already made a listing for your location.

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