They watch and play the trend because they identify with the idea or want to share it

Trends on TikTok have a household name. A striking feature of a trend is its name. It is usually set based on the content of the trend. The name of a trend is spontaneously created by the users who replicate it. So it is very common to find trends with names that start with “trend do”, “trend da” or “trend tal”. As it is a spontaneously assigned name, you will certainly find some variations, but this happens only at the beginning, as it soon gains an official name. Trends on TikTok often have a song or audio linked to it. Advertising It’s not a rule, but you’ll hardly find a trend without a song linked to it. In fact, music is characteristic of the most famous trends on TikTok. Many artists use songs to create their own trends. Singers, for example, launch their hits with official steps.

In return their fans post videos doing the same

Trends on TikTok often use voiceovers, voiceovers, or text. Another feature of the trending format on TikTok is the use of narration or text within the video content. It is not common to find trends that use the user’s own voice. The reason is that a trend must be simple to reproduce, which is not the case if you have to say a lot of words in your video. But this is not a rule. There are trends in which the user says a few words, however, this type of trend has a simple follow. Remember, this is not a rule. Yes, there are trends on  Spain Business Email List TikTok where the creator talks during the video, rare. In general, trends have background music, pre-scripted narration, or use original audio. Trends on TikTok are featured for a brief period. Trends almost always have a short lifetime.

They remain highlighted in the app for a short time

This time varies, but is usually between two and four weeks. Rarely does a trend manage to stand out for longer. In some cases, trends take a while to gain prominence, but once escalated, they gain popularity very quickly. What is the difference between trend and challenge? Advertising Maybe you might be wondering if trend and challenge are the same thing, after all, they have common elements. In fact, there is a fine line between trend and challenge that can make it confusing to distinguish their differences, after all, a challenge can become a trend. Yes, it makes sense, only the answer is no. Although DJ USA the challenge has the characteristic of motivating users to replicate the proposed challenge, it is not a trend. The idea behind a challange is to challenge people to repeat an action and then they will motivate others to do the same.

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