The Recruitment of Students as Apprentice Staff at the Ogi Secretariat

As the spearhead of bureaucratic reform in the country, they proclaim that Indonesia will be able to meet world class government standards by 2025. The criteria include being free of KKN, accountable and high performing, and providing quality public services.

“To achieve this goal

The government  to Building, Hardware, Garden Dealers Email List  the public. The implementation is through OGI with three values : transparency of information accompanied by active participation of the community in order to produce innovations to improve public services,” said Drs. Rusdianto, M.Sc. (Expert Staff for Public Policy, Kemenpan-RB).

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The government’s seriousness in disclosing public information can be seen through the SatuService website ( On this site, the public can access a variety of information about public affairs related to government institutions. For example, procedures for making land titles, handling damaged or lost civil registration deeds, and arranging crowd permits.

Information like this has actually been  DJ USA available for a long time. However, people still have difficulty accessing it. Not all of them are available on each institution’s website, so you have to come directly to the office of the institution concerned. “Data is everywhere.

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