The PANRB Ministry Holds the 2018 ASN Award

The Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB) held the 2018 ASN Award for the category of Exemplary Pratama High Leaders (PPT) and the Inspiring Civil Servants (PNS) category. The agenda is intento find role models for State Civil Apparatus (ASN) who carry out their duties well, perform high, achieve and exceexpectations.

Deputy HR Apparatus of the Ministry of State

Administrative and Bureaucratic Ecuador Mobile Database Reform, Setiawan Wangsaatmaja, said that the 2018 ASN awards were an endeavor to select and obtain role models for ASN whose work and performance were good, even exceeding organizational and community expectations. “These elect ASNs will later become role models and ASN ambassadors who are expectto be able to motivate and inspire other ASNs to make achievements in carrying out their duties,” he said in Jakarta, Wednesday (29/08).

According to him, ASN is currently fa with tough and complex challenges. On the one hand, they must be able to improve the quality of public services in line with the increasing demands of the community. On the other hand, ASN must also be able to adapt to the dynamics of the times in line with the industrial era 4.0. Under these conditions, our joint task is to encourage the creation of clean, professional, innovative and serving civil servants. “I hope this ASN award can be the trigger,” said Setiawan.

He explain in addition to obtaining

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Giving awards to role model ASN figures, the 2018 ASN Award is expect to increase the positive public perception of the existence of ASN, as well as to obtain an alternative database of ASN talents within the framework of national talent management. Setiawan DJ USA  is optimistic that this innovative contest can encourage the growth and development of exemplary ASN employees, and can give birth to future leaders (The Future Leaders) who can be role models.

It was explain for the two categories, prospective participants were not allowto propose themselves, but had to be propos by agencies and the public. For the Model Pratama PPT category, it must be propos by a Personnel Development Officer (PPK) or an AuthorizOfficer (PyB). Proposals are submitt through the portal, while for the Inspirational PNS category, agencies and/or the public are propos through social media, namely Instagram.

Proposal or registration for participation in the 2018 ASN Award, no later than September 30, 2018. For further information regarding the requirements, procedures for proposing, assessment criteria, and complete implementation guidelines, you can download it at menpan.

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