The Indonesian Government’s Concrete Steps in Actively

This amount is 12,000 kiloliters higher than the target set in the Company’s revised Work Plan and Budget (RKAP). Meanwhile, the needs of the community cannot be postponed tend to always increase.

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Eelectricity using fossil fuels, either Tobacco Products Manufacturers Email List  fuel, gas or coal, is very high. Therefore, PLN must focus more on energy conversion from fuel, coal and gas to other renewable energy as a form of savings. Now is the time for us to start clearing up explaining one by one the problems of the electricity crisis that is engulfing the country.

Appreciate the noble

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Will of every nation’s child who wants to take part in solving this petrified electricity crisis. Ricky Elson is a glimmer of hope that appears. There are still  DJ USA many other Ricky Elson who want to contribute themselves in building and advancing Indonesia.

Some time ago, the Indonesian people were very disappointed. With the government’s lack of attention and support for Ricky Elson’s efforts in creating renewable energy for Indonesia.

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