The Important Role of IoT for Indonesian Industry and Government

Chairman of the Indonesian IoT Association (ASIOTI) Teguh Prasetya assesses the role of the Internet of Things (IoT) is very important for industry and also the government, because it can help reduce costs while increasing organizational efficiency.

“It’s not just corporations, the government can also get the benefits of IoT to cut operational costs for local governments and the central government,” said Teguh at ASIOTI’s first birthday celebration in Jakarta, Friday (27/12/2019).

On this occasion, Teguh shared his experience in socializing the importance of implementing IoT throughout 2019 through the flag of PT Alita Praya Mitra, where he serves as CEO.

The socialization carried out includes encouraging

The needs of potential clients, collaborating Dominican-Republic Mobile Database on technology and ecosystems with various partners, improving ecosystems through communities, collaborating with the government, publications through media and social media, and getting feedback from clients.

“Alita’s services and solutions now cover all telecommunication, broadcasting and government providers as well as large companies which are the main clients,” Teguh added through his official statement.

IoT Players Must Blusukan

Director General of SDPPI Kemkominfo Ismail. Setyo Wardani

Meanwhile, the Director General of Resources and Equipment of Post and Information Technology (Dirjen SDPPI) of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics Ismail conveyed the importance of educating the business entity market about the use of IoT.

In 2020, according to him, IoT players need to aggressively make blusukans to business entities.

Quoting data from the Global System for Mobile Communications

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Ismail said, business entities were able to save 4-5 percent of all operational costs.

He gave an example, PT Pertamina (Persero) was able to make operational savings of up to US$ 2.4 million (around Rp. 34.3 trillion) or 5 percent of the total US$ 48.7 million in 2018.

Likewise with PT PLN (Persero) which DJ USA  saved IDR 15.41 trillion from a total operational IDR 308.2 trillion in the same period.

“If IoT is implemented and targeted to solve problems, then business entities can make significant savings,” Ismail concluded.

Help Realize Smart City
Meanwhile, the Deputy Mayor of Tegal City, Muhamad Jumadi, revealed that the application of IoT has really helped his party in realizing Tegal Smart City.

Moreover, the main vision of the region is to realize a government that is clean, professional, accountable, authoritative and innovative, and based on information technology.

Currently, according to Jumadi, the City of Tegal already has many innovative services related to public services. One of them is Jakwir Cetem (Aja Kosih Wira Wiri Quickly, Precisely and Easily) which is a mobile, cloud and iOT-based application that works together with an online transportation service to deliver population documents.

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