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Throughout 2014, electricity consumption in Indonesia was 188 terrawatt-hours or TWh (41% households, 34% industry, 19% commercial, and 6% public), while of power plants only reached .

Indonesia’s generating

Capacity is 35.33 GW (gigawatts) to meet the Textile Mill Manufacturers Email List  needs of 237 million people. This capacity is far below the electricity production capacity of Singapore and Malaysia, which have a population below Indonesia. The causes of the electricity crisis in Indonesia are very complex.

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Political will of the government as well as the availability of the budget. Meanwhile, to realize the construction of a PLTU which can produce 2,000 MW is estimated DJ USA  to require a total cost of up to IDR 35 trillion.

Problems with human resources, permits, and land acquisition also contributed to a number of obstacles. In 2013, PLN spent 7.47 million kiloliters of fuel for all power . Plants in Indonesia due to the cessation of gas supply for the Belawan PLTGU in July 2013.

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