The Challenge Going Forward is to Form an Open Data Ecosystem

In the eyes of ASEAN, c Malaysia, Indonesia is in the wasteful category in terms of electricity consumption, while its distribution is uneven. Indonesia is an archipelagic country consisting of large and small islands with a coastline of  and an area of 3.1 million km2.

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The 65,000 villages spread across  Apparel and Clothing Manufacturers Email List tens of thousands of islands, only less than half have enjoyed the state’s electricity network as other areas are still far from expectations, most of them still use kerosene petromak lamps for lighting.

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National electric power, the provision of electricity in Indonesia is not only carried out by PT PLN . But also carried out by private parties, namely DJ USA  Independent Power Producers (IPP) . Private Power Utility (PPU) and Operation Permits (IO) non-fuel oil (BBM).

Empowering pine craftsmen. The windmill uses a pine blade which is proven to be three . Times better and 40% cheaper. Than the US Southwest Company’s .

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