The 15 best Marketing and Social Media Blogs, according to students

The 15 best Marketing and Social Media Blogs, according to students. Very good days. Today we bring you the best Online Marketing blogs according to the votes of our students and alumni. We have asked you to vote for your favorite blogs within 5 categories and with the result we have formed these Aula CM Awards . We want to share with you the best Online Marketing blogs . It is a very special list because it is the result of voting by our students and alumni. They are the protagonists.

Puro marketing

 Puro marketing. One of the best-known and most influential Social Media news portals. With this large number of votes it continues to demonstrate its large audience and number of regular readers. It is one of the websites with the most activity and traffic in the Social Media and Marketing sector. Socialancer _ One of the best Social Media and Content email database Marketing blogs in Spanish. In class we had the opportunity to speak by videoconference with Beatriz Aguilar and she explained to us wonderfully how they work.

Vilma Nuñez and Juan Merodio

Vilma is the favorite of our students with her wonderful blog. The blog stands out especially for the depth of the topics it covers, for the resources it offers (such as templates and guides) and for the careful graphic design. Our special congratulations for being the most voted of all the Blogs. Juan is probably the best-known Social Media reference in Spain and one of the blogs with DJ USA the most traffic and followers. After many years at the top of the best blogs, it is a joy to continue seeing you among those that our students like the most.

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