That subscribers will receive an initial email with a confirmation

Key features of the squeeze page your squeeze page should have: a single call to action. You want to drive as many visitors as possible to sign up for your email list… and that won’t happen if you have other calls to action. Like a contact you button. Or a bunch of links to your products. In fact. Many marketers avoid having links on their squeeze page other than the subscribe button: the visitor will have to go back. Or close the popover. To take any other action. Short. To the point of copying. This is not the place for paragraph after paragraph about who you are.

Then you can also ask for a first name

Focus on the essentials: what the visitor Asia email list will get when they sign up to your email list. Keep this short and to the point – there’s no ne   to go into lots of detail or share dozens of testimonials from loyal subscribers. A very short form to fill out. Ideally you would only ask for an email address; if it is important for you to personalize your emails to your subscribers. Then you can also ask for a first name. The more information the site requests. The more likely people are not to subscribe at all.

Some marketers get creative with these

asia email list

Don’t ask for personal information that you won’t use – like a phone number or address – because people will wonder why you want it. A way to DJ USA leave or close the form without filling it out. If you’re using a popover. Then make sure there’s a clear and easy way to close it without filling it out. Such as a “no thanks” link next to the “subscribe” button. Some marketers get creative with these. With wording like “no. Thanks. I don’t want to improve my business” – be careful with this approach as it may alienate visitors who simply want to read more of your content before deciding whether or not to subscribe to your email list.

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