Switch to 4G, Prepare to Switch Cards

Indonesian cellular operators are preparing to roll out 4G LTE network services in line with instructions from the Ministry of Communication and Informatics to grant commercial licenses for the 900 MHz frequency, towards the end of 2014.


Before being able to enjoy the high-spe LTE network

there are requirements that are met Iceland Mobile Database by users, namely using a handset that supports 4G LTE in the 900 MHz spectrum and using a new model SIM card that has a memory capacity of 128 KB. So, for example, you can’t just cut the old SIM card in the form of a micro or nano-SIM so that it fits on a new device just like that,” said President Director and CEO of Indosat Alexander Rusli.


The use of the new SIM card model, continuAlex, is necessary because 4G LTE network configuration settings require more space in the memory capacity stor in the SIM card chip. Nevertheless, Alex added that owners of old SIM cards can replace the SIM card with a new model while still maintaining their cellular number. Indosat’s 4G service is plann to be available in all of the operator’s cellular service products, both postpaid and prepaid.


For starters, Alex explain that Indosat would

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First roll out 4G services on the 900 MHz frequency in accordance with the Ministry of Communication and Information’s commercial permit directives. It is hop DJ USA that the commencement of 4G deployment will encourage the growth of the ecosystem as a whole so that it can be enjoy equally in mid-2015.

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