Speech recognition systems are increasingly sophisticated


 According to a study by Nuance Communications, customers prefer IVRs that offer personalized options, such as speech recognition and synthesis, over generic menus:  and can help identify customers based on their voices: When a customer calls , URA can identify them and provide them with personalized services. For example, if a customer has purchased a product from the company, URA will assist in providing information about the product and provide similar recommendations.

 Synthesis-to-speech (TTS or

text-to-speech”) is another form of speech technology. With it, you Jamaica Mobile Number List can speak digitally in a personalized way. It is also often associated with URA menus; the synthesized voice is generally more natural, close to the human voice, and speaks to the customer. The recited text can be a welcome message, menu options, or any other information designed to help customers.


 Despite the many advantages

of these technologies, they have not been as widely adopted as initially Singapore Phone Number List expected. We might wonder if they are essential or “must-have” for the brand? Capturing valuable data When customers use IVR, the information they provide is recorded in the company’s database. This data is valuable, as it provides insights into your buying habits, service preferences, and behaviors.


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