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Social m  ia helps spread the word. But first you have to get people talking. Jay baer says it’s done with a conversation starter: do something for each customer that’s so notable that they’ll want to share it with their friends. When this happens. Happy customers do the marketing for you.” ashley graham ashley graham  yourbrandista ashley graham is the founder and creative director of brandessoa modern marketing and public relations agency that instills brand authority through strategy and communications bas   on caffeine.” using video across your Some of serena’s website and social m  ia channels has become a vital element of the marketing mix.

Video has become a great branding

If brands or businesses don’t incorporate Africa Email List video into their marketing strategies. They’re missing out on a great opportunity to connect and engage with their target audience.” marketing has become visual. And video is one of the best m  iums to use to evoke an emotional connection with viewers. Video has become a great branding tool. And we believe it will continue to grow from here.” avinash chandra avinash chandra  brandloom avinash chandra is the founder and ceo of brandloom. “the most important marketing trends to watch for in 2019 and beyond are: “1. Video seo: it is a process of maximizing the traffic of a particular video by ensuring that it reaches the top of the search   page.

These messages make the consumer feel

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Video visibility of your brand on a top search engine rank increases the engagement of your brand. “2. Voice search: voice search Some of serena’s is becoming DJ USA increasingly popular. Especially among those who use smartphones. Devices like alexa and assistants like siri have 90% word accuracy. And more and more customers are browsing the internet and makes purchases using voice commands.”“3. 3. Personalization: this is the ultimate form of target marketing. It is a process where brands provide personaliz   advertising or messages to the consumer bas   on their purchasing behavior. These messages make the consumer feel special and interact more.

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