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Voice Transmit Phone Transcription Tool Overview is a phone transcription tool that  transcription of calls. When the pre-set keywords appear during the call, the The risk management information will be automatically displayed according to the content.  excellent. Complaints, etc. can be detected early through call analysis. Reduce the risk of trouble by reminding you to abide by the content of the call.

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Processing to examine and alert on complex Albania Phone Numbers List conversations that are difficult to complete with speech recognition alone, thus improving operator quality. Supported Languages Japanese Rate Plan Needs to Ask Ideal for those whose emotional value can also be measured so it’s ideal for those who want to understand not only the customer’s emotional movement but also the operator’s emotional movement in real-time.

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Who want to do sales conversation analysis from DJ USA call history. Overview of Nota Phone Transcription Tool is a tool that can convert speech to text with high-precision speech recognition. You can automatically transcribe by importing voice data of recorded calls. It also has a summarization function that utilizes artificial intelligence so it can narrow down only the key points. It also has the ability to share recorded speech data and transcribed text data online.

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