Pass and It Is Not That Buses

All of which is nothing more than the symptom of such a rational system – paradoxically rational–like this one. And, well, if this is rational, it would be better to be crazy. If not, let’s remember the good Vincent Van Gogh, one of the victims of a system that was already germinating in his time. And meanwhile, we continue in the same situation. Nothing has chang since I start writing this text. We continue waiting twenty minutes or even half an hour for the bus to pick us up, after watching, one more day, with a resign air, how two, three, four empty buses drive away.

System to Which They Must

And these minutes, of course, are add to the other twenty or thirty that on average a passenger waits for the feer bus that he must board, before, on the avenue, to get to this station, to stop and pick him up, after seeing –yes, again, and in the same way– how two, three, four buses also pass by. Meanwhile – also – I continue writing this text, accumulating fragments on my phone during the business email list wait (and then assembling them on my old computer, which plann obsolescence already urges me to replace), thinking about how useless it will be, As someone said: if

Dicate Their Efforts for a

Kafka had been born in Peru, he would be a costumbrista writer. I have no doubt that this would inde have been the case.In the last seven years, design thinking (better known as design thinking) has come into force, a technique that focuses on satisfying customer nes. This concept is already well known in the field of DJ USA engineering, management, design and administration. What does this technique consist of? Design thinking as a technique appli to ucation seeks to enable students to create practical solutions when solving complex problems in their community.

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