Negara Berkembang Seperti Indonesia Menunjukkan

The next challenge is managing data so that it remains accurate and updated and looking for ways to  benefits to society. This is how to measure the success of open data in a country,” he explained.

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Stated that since 2013, they  Shipbuilding Boatbuilding Email List have been trying to encourage public awareness and participation, especially for the younger generation. For example through the recruitment of students as apprentice staff at the OGI secretariat. The OGP Model competition for students, and a national scale competition to elicit innovative ideas to support government openness entitled “SOLUSIMU”.

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Promote public participation are one of OGI’s main action plans. In addition, they also want to encourage transparency and service DJ USA  quality improvement in areas of basic community services . (clean water, emergency services, universities), areas prone to corruption (business licensing, management of migrant workers), and areas of major public concern (waste management, needs of persons with disabilities). disability, tourism and creative economy).

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