Memes will far surpass emojis and brands must be ready

Increasingly widespread. Memes will far surpass emojis and brands must be ready to defend themselves even from criticism and attacks express in the form of images.
Vintage marketing . I.E. Nostalgia marketing. Will involve the public more. With an 88% increase in mentions. It is a phenomenon for which we were already prepar during the first lockdown: the lever of emotion. Always effective. Will still have a hold. But be careful not to abuse it or you risk becoming cloying.

More physical distances. Less on the web

 More physical distances. Less on the web: conversational marketing new data will be the lever that will drive sales. Brands capable of creating interactions and conversations with consumers. Fan pages and followers will be recogniz as authentic and reward in terms of numbers and sales.
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Merry christmas from facebook

 Merry christmas from facebook ! Although the DJ USA message may seem early. The famous social network has already focus on the christmas holidays by releasing a guide on marketing and sales in the most magical period of the year.
A wise move since christmas represents a time of great opportunities to reach new consumers with your brand and products.
The 2019 christmas marketing guide provides interesting data. Offering ideas for improving marketing campaigns .

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