Memang Tidak Ada Aturan Yang Mengharuskan Pengguna Media

If you are going to depart from Los Angeles using a Boeing 777 from Cathay Pacific, the probability of falling is 1:4,068,434. If you continue to use the plane every day for 11,146 years, there is a high probability that you will have an accident.

That’s the prediction of

The Am I Going Down  Car Bodies Parts and Accessories Email List app? To provide these predictions, the app relies on data from the Bureau of Aircraft Accident Records, the US National Transportation Safety Board and the International Civil Aviation Organization. Nic Johns, the brains behind Am I Going Down? stated that he created this application to help his wife overcome her fear of flying.

Johns admitted that

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The scheduled launch of his application which fell a few days after. The unfortunate AirAsia QZ8501 was reported missing  DJ USA was purely an accident. Johns stated that he had developed Am I Going Down? since early 2014.

This application is only available for iPad, iPhone and iPod. Touch users through iTunes which can be purchased .

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