Juan Carlos Fuster appointed marketing and communication director

Juan Carlos Fuster has been appointed Marketing and Communication Director of the IDG (Intelligent Devices Group) division for the Lenovo Iberia region . Since Juan Carlos joined Lenovo almost 8 years ago , he has grown at the pace of the company, performing different marketing functions, both professional and consumer.

Joined Lenovo almost 8 years ago

Experience that has led him to lead the category email list marketing division in recent months. Therefore, since he has combined his functions as head of Brand, Events and Communication. Juan Carlos studied a bilingual double degree in Business Administration and Marketing at the ESIC University. In his new position. Therefore, he expands his responsibilities to lead the company’s marketing. Therefore, communication strategy in Iberia, without forgetting the important sponsorships that the brand supports throughout the year in our country.

Lead the company's marketing and communication strategy

Lenovo is the world’s largest personal DJ USA computer company and a leading manufacturer of tablets. Therefore, mobile phones (including the Motorola brand), smart devices and data centers. Juan Carlos Fuster’s main objective will be to transmit Lenovo’s corporate values ​​and the company’s mission to develop increasingly intelligent technologies available to everyone. Therefore, which have a positive impact on society. With this change, Lenovo seeks greater integration of its communication and marketing actions. Therefore, as well as synergies between different audiences, channels and platforms.

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