Yeeeahh! this year JMC IT Consultant again held a picnic together. After months of struggling with lots of work, vacation has become the medicine that all JMC IT Consultant employees have been waiting for. On this picnic, the JMC IT Consultant family had the opportunity to visit Karimun Jawa Island. All employees gathered on Friday night (31/03/2017) at the JMC IT Consultant Production House located on Jalan Prapanca, Bugisan, Yogyakarta to leave for Jepara together.

Arriving in Jepara, the group headed to Kartini Beach Harbor

Then crossed over to Menjangan Besar Island Hungary Mobile Database which is one of a group of islands in Karimun Java. Thank God, the weather was very favorable and the group managed to cross safely on Saturday afternoon. The picnic activity on the first day begins by using a boat to snorkel at Spot Gosong. The underwater scenery with beautiful coral reefs and many types of fish makes everyone want to dive right away. After having fun snorkeling, the group headed to Ujung Gelam Island to watch the beautiful sunset on the western horizon, and afterwards returned to the inn.


On the second day, the activity starts with snorkeling around Menjangan Kecil Island. Even though it was cloudy for a few hours, the weather was sunny again and the activities were going well. This spot is no less beautiful than the previous Burnt Spot. After finishing snorkeling, the group anchored at Menjangan Kecil Island for lunch with a grilled fish menu. We can find many types of fish in Karimun Jawa, one of which is very famous is the Older Brother Fish.


Activities on Karimun Jawa Island are indeed filled with snorkeling, because Karimun Jawa is very famous for the beauty of coral reefs and the JMC TRIP TO  various types of marine life that are in it. The group also had the opportunity to snorkel at the Nemo fish spot, which is very difficult to find because it is not easy to find this very popular fish. The group also had the opportunity to take pictures with the sharks in captivity. It’s a thrilling experience to be in very close proximity to these sharks.

On the last day, before getting ready to return to Yogyakarta

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The group took the time to visit Bukit Love to take pictures at several typical spots of Karimun Jawa which are very instagrammable. From Bukit Love, we can see a very beautiful view of the offshore Karimun Jawa from above. After being satisfied DJ USA with taking pictures together, then the group headed to the inn and prepared to head to JMC TRIP TO  the Karimun Jawa Great Harbor to cross back to Jepara. Even though it had rained and had traffic jams, the group returned safely to Yogyakarta, bringing with them thousands of beautiful memories from their time in Karimun Jawa.

It was a very exciting and unforgettable experience for all JMC IT Consultant employees to be able to relieve stress on Karimun Island, Java. Hopefully after this, employees can have a new enthusiasm and can generate innovative ideas in working at JMC IT Consultant. See you on next year’s holiday!

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