JMC IT Consultant not only plays

As an IT company,  a role in software development in Indonesia, but also has a good track record and quality in producing creative multimedia.

2016, the JMC IT Consultant team carried out  Job Function Email Database the shooting process for working on an investment profile video for Bantul Regency. Taking pictures is done by selecting several objects that represent the potential of Bantul Regency. This profile video was made with the aim of highlighting the investment potential of industry, tourism, education, human resources, as well as a broad demographic area in Bantul Regency.

Most recently in early to mid-May

Job Function Email Database

Objects taken included Crafts in Kasongan, PT. Marvel Sports International, Bantul Regency Regent’s Office, pine forests, tombs of kings.PLTH Bantul Regency, Baru beach, and the Yogyakarta Muhammadiyah University campus. To help obtain images with a wider scope, in this shooting, the. JMC IT Consultant team also used drones or drones.

The shooting process lasted for several days

In making this profile video, the JMC IT Consultant team got to know Bantul Regency from various sides. In addition, the JMC. IT DJ USA Consultant team  also gained a lot of new experiences, as well as opportunities. To work with various parties, one of which was the talented talent from.

It is hop that the Bantul. Regency investment profile video can become the best promotional media to introduce Bantul. Regency and be able to improve people’s welfare in various sectors. JMC IT Consultant is ready to help other regions in. Indonesia to better introduce the potential of the area they have to the wider community with the aim of improving the tourism sector and investment climate.

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