JMC IT Consultant Annual Meeting 2019

As a company, JMC IT Consultant certainly has various targets to be achiev, both short term and long term. In its journey, the company’s management always conducts periodic reviews of the targets that have been set. Realizing the importance of achieving targets for the progress of the company. JMC IT Consultant is well aware that all targets will not be achiev without the enthusiasm and support of all JMC IT Consultant employees. For this reason, not long ago, JMC IT Consultant held an Annual Meeting agenda which is the company’s annual routine agenda.

The 2019 Annual Meeting was held to present

Evaluation of performance targets in the Argentina Mobile Database previous year and work plans to be carri out this year in each department. What is special, the 2019 annual meeting was held to coincide with the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan. Apart from having an iftar agenda together, all employees are ask to wear their best clothes because at the end of the event the committee prepares an award for the Best Dress Award.

The event start at 15.00, starting with the opening and praying together l by the MC. The event continu with an explanation from the CEO of JMC IT Consultant, Mr. Yuhan Fauzan by explaining the evaluation and achievements in 2018 and resolutions for 2019. After the presentation from the CEO, all JMC IT Consultant managers. Sequentially carriout the same presentation according to their respective departments.

During 2018, JMC IT Consultant succe in achieving various targets set. Both in terms of improving the quality of human resources, company competitiveness, conducive work environment and so on. However, it cannot be deni that there is still some homework that is of concern to the company.

 Consultant has prepa several policies and innovations

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With the hope that this will bring the company better in providing services to consumers and to all employees. After the series of presentation agendas, not long after the maghrib call to prayer resound indicating that the time for breaking the DJ USA fast had arri. Led by one of the employees, Muslim employees do the iftar prayer together. After that, everyone is welcome to enjoy the opening menu that has been provid. Not long after, the Muslim employees took turns doing the Maghrib prayer congregation. After the congregational prayers, all employees can enjoy the dinner provid.

At around 19.00, the event continuwith a sharing session agenda. Aganda is a new innovation in the JMC IT Consultant Annual Meeting, because it has never exisin previous years. In the sharing session agenda, several employees shar their joys and sorrows while working at JMC IT Consultant. This moment is a source of enthusiasm for all parties at JCM IT Consultant, to continue to contribute to Indonesia together.


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