JMC 2018 Annual Meeting

The annual meeting is JMC IT Consultant’s annual agenda which aims to evaluate performance in the previous year and present resolutions and targets for the new year. The annual meeting was attend by all JMC IT Consultant employees and in 2018 it took a very beautiful place, namely at the Queen of The South Resort Yogyakarta which has direct views of Parangtritis Beach. The Annual Meeting which was held last Monday (29-01-2018) took the theme “JMC Smart, Confidence. And Professional”.

The event start starting with an opening

Remarks, and a joint prayer Cameroon Mobile Database led by the MC. The main event continu with Mr. Yuhan Fauzan (CEO of JMC IT Consultant) who explainthe evaluation and achievements in 2017 and the resolutions for 2018, then contin with presentations from each department manager. During 2017, JMC IT Consultant manag to achieve several improvements in productivity, increase in the number of projects and company profits. However, it is undeniable that there is still some homework that is of concern to the company.

JMC IT Consultant has prepar several new

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Policies and innovations with the hope that this will bring the company to be better in providing services. As a first step, the Marketing Gallery Office DJ USA will soon unite with the Production House so that communication between departments will be maximiz JMC IT Consultant continues to innovate as an effort to keep pace with dynamic changes in the world of technology, while still being adjust to the laws and regulations in force in Indonesia.

The new policies and innovations that will be implement this year also aim to create a more conducive working atmosphere within JMC IT Consultants, so that later it will increase employee productivity. In addition, through the Annual Meeting, employees are invit to become individuals who have commitment, initiative, want to improve their own abilities, and are able to work in teams. These are some of the qualities that neto be cultivat in employees in order to achieve company success.

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