It’s what you’ve heard (and probably more than once

When you started researching how to get verified on TikTok: more engaged profiles are more likely to be verified. This happens because the more engaged you are, the more visibility you have. The result of this is that TikTok notices the profile more easily. In fact, the platform pays attention to profiles that show great engagement: many likes, large number of followers, high retention in videos. What’s more, TikTok will want to verify these profiles because they know they drive user engagement. In plain English: he knows that these profiles make users stay longer on the platform, which is wonderful, because more traffic on the platform means less traffic on competitors, for example. 2 – Look for longer display time. Advertising Like YouTube, TikTok also prioritizes profiles that create videos that are attractive and capable of making users watch them until the end.

In fact more than that videos capable of making users watch once

TikTok therefore, before checking a profile, analyzes how long the profile has been watched. If you identify that people spend a lot of time watching your profile videos, you are one step closer to being verified. This tip is even related to the previous one, since engagement is directly linked to the greater number of views of profile videos. 3 – Have real followers. Glazed by the idea that having followers is one of the requirements to get verified on TikTok, certain profiles start to buy fake followers. The problem Portugal Business Email List is  shooting yourself in the foot – and it’s nowhere near among the tips on how to get verified on TikTok. If you have a large following but your profile videos have a minuscule amount of views, anyone will know there is something wrong there, especially TikTok. What doesn’t happen when you have a profile with few followers.

It is important to say that, in addition to fake followers

Having inactive followers can also cause the same type of problem. Therefore, prioritize gaining real followers, as they are the ones who will bring you closer to the long-awaited verification. And remember: it’s better to go slow, one step at a time, and get verified than to try to skip processes and take shortcuts DJ USA that willprofile into oblivion. 4 – Produce viral videos. Advertising There’s no getting away from it: one of the best ways to get verified on TikTok is by making viral videos . And if you want the badge (really!), you should create videos of this type as soon as possible. Thinking about the virality of videos, in fact, should always be your first thought when creating content for TikTok: How can I make this video go viral on the net? How to make users like more? How to make them send to their friends.

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