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Individual stages company operates on both foreign and domestic markets. Maintaining a continuous increase in the export of its products for many years. On average, Sante increases its turnover by % year by year. Range of services Obtaining and settling grants Grant POIG – Investments in innovative ventures – . New investments with high innovation potential Needs Under subsidy. The need to diversify production resulted from the business strategy adopted by the partners of Sante. Which is mainly based on continuous development by introducing new products. Acquiring new customers, and consequently increasing revenues and profits.

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The profits generated are related to development because they are allocated to new investment projects. So we helped Sante obtain a subsidy for the diversification Photo Retouching of production, thanks to which a new innovative product was created – filigranola. Effects Sante presented us with the idea of ​​implementing filigranola and crunchy products with new properties. In the past, we have already successfully supported Sante in obtaining EU funds, so we approached the new project with great commitment. Thanks to our support, Sante obtained funds for the implementation of innovative technology.

Also deliveries to parcel lockers Individual stages 

The production improved crunchy products in the form of the construction of a production, raw material and warehouse hall, a production line, as well as the necessary equipment for the R&D plant. We participated in both the process of obtaining the grant and DJ USA its settlement. POIG – Investments in innovative ventures – . New investments with high innovation potential Project value This increases the chances that Google robots will recognize your website as expert and place it higher in the ranking. This means an increase in website traffic and higher conversions.

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