How to show Facebook and Yelp reviews on your Google My Business listing

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Google shows Facebook and Yelp reviews in the Google My Business listing

Let’s look a little at the non-criminal background of the others. OK? You will surely know how important it is to do good category email list Local SEO, make your Google My Business listing look beautiful and, above all, obtain reviews for your business listing . TRUE? Reviews are a powerful marketing tool , because they promote what we know as Social Proof . Come on, they help your potential clients have a positive opinion of you. TRUE? That’s why we must pursue them . But, what happens when we have put a lot of work into the reviews on our Facebook page and then on Google we appear as “complete strangers”? . It’s not cool and, above all, it’s not real. TRUE?

How to get Google to identify and display Facebook and Yelp reviews?

And from the news, which makes our listing look better, to the question: what do we do if Google is not showing our results? Can it be achieved, forced or favored? The answer is that it can be encouraged but not forced . Google does not offer us an option to request it, connect our pages or anything like that. The way it works is simple: if Google robots DJ USA detect an unequivocal relationship between a My Business listing and a Facebook and/or Yelp page and, in addition, they consider it timely and relevant, they display the reviews. It has its logic, right?

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